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Wir machen Ihre Datenbanken
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Weg in die Cloud

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wertvollen Informationen

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auf die Überholspur

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Wir schlagen die Brücke
zwischen Business und IT

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Besides using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) as the Apex-Listener, I'm using the AutoREST-Feature of ORDS very heavily.

Oracle is actively developing ORDS: There is a new release about every quarter of the year.
Let aside the new features, the overall performance of the product is being improved continuously.

#ThanksODC was the chance for me to invest some time and measure the real gains.

I was first surprised and then impressed by the results...


Around the globe people who have benefitted from Oracle Developer Community (aka Oracle Tech Net) are saying "Thank you" for everything they've learned through the community by writing a blog entry about an Oracle topic.
Here's my #ThanksODC ...

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